A Vaccine Purchasing Program Designed for Your Practice

Right now, USPPG’s vaccine purchasing program offers GlaxoSmithKline, adolescent and adult products. Since vaccine costs are continually rising, USPPG’s program allows substantial savings every year when buying vaccines even at a small level.

By enrolling, you receive favorable pricing and payment terms on the full range of GSK vaccines we offer.


How does USPPG’s vaccine purchasing program work?

You need to be a participant of U.S. Physicians’ Purchasing Group (USPPG). If you purchase your vaccines from GlaxoSmithKline, please download and fill out the GSK Declaration Form. You can return the completed application to us via fax (877-740-4815) or email (usppg@usppg.org).

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How do I order vaccines using USPPG discounted pricing?

You have the option of ordering from GSK directly where you will receive attractive payment terms and an additional 2% prompt payment discount.

Or, you can place your order through an authorized GSK distributor. Tell them that you are on the USPPG contract and they will make sure that you receive the contracted prices when placing your orders.

USPPG participant Benefits

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How to Join

Participation is FREE.

Becoming a participant of USPPG is fast and easy!

Email us at USPPG@USPPG.ORG or call us toll-free at 877-MY USPPG (698-7774).